All Hallows Church

Harthill church was commisioned by Earl William de Warenne, son in law of William the Conqueror, circa 1080 AD. Earl Warenne was granted vast land holdings for his part in the Norman invasion, including Harthill manor.

His wealth was equivalent to, or in excess of Bill Gates' (Warenne was valued at £10,000 in 1080, or £54 billion in 2000). The first pic below is of the west facing side. The church celebrated its 900th birthday in about 1979.

The tower is 14th century and originally contained 8 bells. Over the next few centuries the bell's became 6 - according to H Garbutt's 1950 history the six bell's were dated from 1660 to 1889. Either way, they were replaced by the current set in 1937.

This church was valued at £1.25 million for insurance purposes in 1999, compared to £689 in 1831. Presumably given rocketing property prices the 2003 valuation must be much higher. Culturally though, it is irreplaceable, a link back through 1,000 years of history.

Reproduced with the kind permission of the church, we have provided some 360° photographs for your viewing pleasure.

To view simply click on the direction arrows provided or, you may take control of the photo by placing your cursor over the picture, click and hold your left mouse button down and drag the photo round.

(Tip, the closure to the outside edge of the photo your cursor is, the faster the rotation)

All Hallows Church interior 360 degree iPix photographs

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